Free Bikes 4 Kidz Atlanta partners with Habitat for Humanity of NW Metro Atlanta

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is excited to announce a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity of NW Metro Atlanta!

Establishing housing is the first of many steps towards building community health. For many children growing up in transitional housing, apartments or homelessness, access to a bike may not be in the cards due to space challenges or the inability to secure a bike. And even if they do have a bike, where they live may not have the infrastructure to support safe riding.

Linking housing with cycling can be a great way to produce better health outcomes in communities. Habitat for Humanity of NWMA builds homes in safe communities with sidewalks and access to greenspace. For children moving to new communities with marginal levels of health, providing bikes where there is space for outdoor play gives kids the resources to jumpstart their well-being and create healthier futures!

Find out more about the partnership by reading the full press release here.